What Makes Me Unique

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You may ask yourself, what makes One Painted Girl stand out from the rest?

I LOVE everything about this business, 

I like the hunt for a great piece and explore all options to acquire the most desirable for restoration. I like the back roads, and on the way I have met many new acquaintances in my efforts to obtain quality and unique pieces of furniture and accessories.

Upon settling on the next great project, I do my utmost to be very attentive to the function and operation of each piece. I make certain that all drawers glide smoothly and  all doors open and close properly. As a special touch, each drawer is lined with clean linen paper before completion.

I feel it is essential to start with a fresh canvas on the pieces that I will be giving a new life. This is accomplished though detailed sanding and at times adding primer to ensure adhesion of color for a lifetime. Even a painted girl can appreciate the beauty and character of natural wood . It depends on the piece, but the same great care is used to restore the original warm luster that can make natural wood so inviting.

Sounds silly, but I am a little silly (LOL)

At times, you must let the piece be perfectly imperfect. I no longer fight the imperfections of man or nature. Every Great piece of furniture has its own story :)

Being attentive to hardware detail is so important, as we all know it can make or break the look of a fabulous piece.

I take a considerable amount of time to hand wax my pieces to ensure many years of enjoyment and durability

The end result is an heirloom, handcrafted piece of furniture that will be the centerpiece of any room for years to come:)